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Vedettes L'Angélus

From April 8 to September 30, cruise on board of Vedettes l’Angélus!
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How to choose where to start your cruise ?

2 search engines available :

1 - "The nearest dock" : depending on where you are, you can select the closest pier of departure.

2 - "to search and book your cruise on line" : to select your cruise according to the date, the place of departure and the duration of the cruise, a stop-over or not at "l'Ile-aux-Moines". 


Tips and advice

You may start by checking the details of each cruise on offer.

Please, feel free to contact us for any questions :

- Boarding from Locmariaquer : 02 97 57 30 29

- Boarding from Port Navalo/Arzon : 02 97 49 42 53

The choice of the cruise will depend mainly on the time you have available :

- A full day :

Choose the cruise "Coup de coeur" (n° 1) starting in the morning (9h30 am from Port Navalo/Arzon or 10h00 am from Locmariaquer).

In July and August, you also can choose to leave the Gulf and cruise to HOUAT Island (departure on Tuesday and Thursday from Locmariaquer and Port Navalo)

- Half a day or a day

We suggest the "Standard" cruises with stop-over or not at "l'Ile-aux-Moines"

- Only 2 hours

Cruise on the river Auray (N°2)

The mini-cruises with stop-over or not at "l'Ile-aux-Moines"

The standard N°5 without stop-over at l'Ile-aux-Moines also lasts 2h 


The FAVOURITE “Coup de Coeur” TOUR between the Loch and the GulfView the cruises

A 50 km sightseeing tour, 5h or 7h cruise

An amazing cruise

The Company Les Vedettes l'Angélus is the only company to offer a cruise joining River and Gulf, 7/7 throughout the season between April 5 th and September 30 th - from Locmariaquer or Port Navalo/Arzon.

If you are available for the day, choose this "Coup de coeur" cruise (cruise n°1)

Stop-over n° 1 of 1h15 minutes between 12:30 and 13h45

Stop-over n° 2 of 3h15 minutes between 12h30 and 15h15

This cruise starts on the Loch river (Auray river) up to Le Bono brigdes and goes on with the grand tour of the gulf of Morbihan sailing south of "L'Ile-aux-Moines".

In addition you will stop and visit "l'Ile-aux-Moines"during one of the 2 stop-overs included in this cruise.

A short visit of the village and the beach (stop n°1 lasts 1h/1h15) or the time to stroll along the coastal path on foot or bike (stop n° 2 lasts 3h/3h15). 

Up the Loch, the Auray riverView the cruises

1H30 Cruise

A cruise between Land and Sea.

If you already know the Golfe du Morbihan, why not discover the Auray river called Le Loch and choose the cruise n°2. This cruise operates 7J/7 from Locmariaquer and Port Navalo/Arzon between April 5 th and September 30 th.

It lasts approximatively 1h30. You will cruise Le Loch up to Le Bono bridges. This typical and pretty fishermen village nestles perfectly in the beautiful landscape.



With or no stop over - 32 km round trip

Full tour of the Gulf of Morbihan  

This Tour which operates 7/7 between April 5 th and September 30 th is similar to the cruise n° 1 ("Coup de coeur") Tour but excludes Le Loch river.

32 km Tour lasting from 2h to 5h depending on the time you stay on l'Ile aux Moines.

This cruise is a full tour of the Gulf of Morbihan by the South of l'Ile aux Moines and the coastline of Arradon with or without stop over at l'Ile aux Moines.

 You can select :

- cruises n°3 or n°4 with stop over

- cruise n° 5 with no stop over.


MINI-CRUISE View the cruises


1h30 sigtseeing cruise with or no stop over.

You dont' have much time but would really like to discover Le Golfe du Morbihan, with a possible stop over at l'Ile aux Moines ? Go for a mini-cruise !

- The shortest cruise (n° 6) lasts 1h30. no stopping at l'Ile aux Moines. Operates 7/7 from April 5 th to September 30 th.

- 2 additional cruises in July and August : cruise n° 7 and n° 8 Monday to Friday, from July 6 th to August 28 th.




Want to escape? Board for HOUAT Island!

Welcome to paradise !

To get there, select the cruise n°9 !

This cruise operates on Tuesdays and Thursdays from July 7 th to August 27th, 2020 with an additional crossing on Fridays in August.

You will spend the day on the island (around 9 hours), having the opportunity to discover this little paradise : the village, the long beaches of white sand, the creeks.

You can easily walk around the island and discover its 2 contrasted sides.

Don't forget to take the way back. The scenery is such that people forget the passing.

For the lunch break, you can either stop at one of the various restaurants or have a picnic at the seafront watching the boats sailing away.

Don't forget the return way - the beauty of the site may you force to forget the time passing.

Single way or return tickets can be purchased.

Quiberon - Gulf of MorbihanView the cruises

Departure from Port Haliguen every Tuesday and Thursday in July and August

Your cruise will start on the Quiberon Bay before crossing over the Gulf of Morbihan. You'll see Port Navalo to port and Lomariaquer on the starboard side. You'll then discover the wonders of this little corner of paradise that is the Gulf of Morbihan. Fauna, Flora, seascapes and landscapes... You'll be dazzled.

This cruise sails on Tuesdays and Thursdays between July 7 and August 27, 2020.

During your 3 hours stop-over on Ile-aux-Moines, you'll have plenty of time to stroll on the various footpaths and enjoy the beauty of this island known as the Pearl of Morbihan.

Escape to HoëdicView the cruises

An unspoilt and fascinating island


This cruise operates on Tuesdays and Thursdays from July 7 th to August 27 th, 2020. With an extra crossing on Fridays during the month of August. Enjoy your day out to explore this little unspoilt and fascinating paradise.

The Auray river with a stopover in Saint-Goustan or Le Bono View the cruises

A boat trip between land and sea

A sigthseeing cruise with commentary from Locmariaquer or Port-Navalo (Arzon). A navigation up the Auray river with a stopover of 1h30 either in the charming little port of Le Bono or in the medieval port of Saint Goustan in Auray (depending on the tide). This cruise operates every Wednesday between June 17 th and september 2 nd.

Direct crossing to Ile-aux-Moines with a stopover of 6h30View the cruises

A day out on the island with a stopover of 6h30

This direct crossing from Locmariaquer or Port-Navalo (Arzon) operates from July 8 th to August 26 th, 2020. Plenty of time to fully enjoy the island also known as the “Pearl of the Gulf” with a stopover of 6h30.

Direct crossing to Ile d'Arz with a stopover of 6hView the cruises

A day out on the island with a stopover of 6h

This direct crossing from Locmariaquer or Port-Navalo (Arzon) operates from July 8 th to August 26 th, 2020. Plenty of time to fully enjoy the island with a stopover of 6 hours.



Vedettes l’Angélus
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02 97 57 30 29 - 02 97 57 37 32
Vedettes l’Angélus
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