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Here are the main destinations you can get to by travelling on Vedettes de l’Angelus motorboats.
There is so much to choose from that you’ll need more than one day to make the most of it !

the destinations

Also called the "The Little Wonder", the Gulf of Morbihan runs between the 2 piers of VEDETTES L'ANGELUS : Port-Navalo and Locmariaquer.

The distance between these 2 ports is 900 metres by sea and more than 75 km by road. The Gulf is actually a genuine inland sea of 12,000 hectares dotted with more than 40 islands or 365 according to the legends.

Our cruising company, Vedettes L'Angélus offers 3 different tours: the "Coup de cœur" tour , the most complete with 50 km including navigating up the Auray River, the “standard” tour of 32 km and the “mini-cruises” of a shorter duration for visitors who have little time. 

Take advantage of a stop-over to experience the thrills of the island. Most of our cruises include a short or longer stop-over.

Select the short 1 hour stop-over to get a glimpse of the village, walk back through the beach and possibly enjoy a crêpe, admiring the landscape and the gorgeous light on the port of Ile aux Moines.

If you wish to make the most of this little corner of paradise, the 3 hours stop-over is the perfect choice. You’ll then be able to stroll along the coastal path to explore the island. Alternatively, you can rent a bike or a tandem to cycle through the tiny lanes of the island. Don’t forget to go through the village to buy food for your picnic or have lunch in one of its charming restaurants.

And above all, remember to get back to the pier to end your cruise on the Gulf of Morbihan.

Head for paradise!

Embark on a Tuesday or Thursday for Houat Island, a dream destination not far from the continent.

A full 9 hours stop-over is the obvious choice to fully enjoy the magic of this island.

The stunning beauty of the beaches, the wild coves and most of all, the feeling to be the only ones to enjoy the show will appeal to you without fail.

And then, a little tour of the quaint village will give you the opportunity to do some shopping or have lunch, take pretty pictures of the fishermen little houses and hollyhocks.

The crossing of the Quiberon Bay both ways allows prolonging this enchanting break. 

The Auray river is a ria, the Loch ria, which is the other name given to the river.

But are we on a river or already on the Little sea? One may wonder as the salinity level allows oysters to live on the pillars of Auray Bridge.

The Loch ria meets the mouth of the Gulf situated between Port-Navalo, a seaside resort and port of Arzon at the tip of Rhuys peninsula facing East and the charming coastal village of Locmariaquer, facing West.

This cruise will take you as far as Le Bono where an old suspended bridge designed by Gustave Eiffel stands. It is a stunning place very well preserved and out of time.

It is also a place of history as it is after sailing up the river Loch that Benjamin Franklin docked at the port of Auray on December 3, 1776. He had travelled to request the help of France for the United States.

There is a choice of 2 cruises to discover these colourful landscapes with a rich history : the cruise “Coup de Coeur” n° 1 and the cruise n°2.

"La Grande Parade" est l'évènement majeure qui clôture en apothéose la "Semaine du Golfe" avec le véritable grand "spectacle nautique" de la manifestation. La "Grande Parade" réunit toutes les flotilles et tous les vieux gréements pour une majestueuse traversée de la Baie de Quiberon jusqu'au coeur du Golfe.

Toutes les flotilles après avoir convergé le matin vers la sortie du Golfe en profitant de la marée descendante, se mettent en position par le travers de l'entrée du Golfe et attendent la renverse du courant pour s'engager dans le goulet entre Locmariaquer et Port-Navalo vers 15/16H. 

Au final, le grand chenal est le spectacle d'un grandiose ballet maritime.

La compagnie des vedettes l'Angélus vous propose de suivre en direct à son bord ce moment magique et ce magnifique évènement au départ de Locmariaquer ou de Port-Navalo à 16H 30.

Il est fortement conseillé de réserver à l'avance dans nos différents guichets sur place, dans les offices de tourisme ou directemment en ligne sur notre site internet

De même, il est fortement conseillé de se rendre sur place le plus tôt possible afin de se garantir d'une place de parking.

vous découvrirez sur l'île d'Hoëdic, la faune et la flore, le charme discret du village et du port. après avoir fait le tour de l'île, vous pourrez faire une halte pour vous désaltérer dans les cafés ou restos à l'ambiance fort sympathique.

N'oubliez pas de vous rendre à l'embarcadère à l'heure prévue, car bons nombreux de visiteurs d'un jour sont tentés de séjourner plus longtemps.

On Hoedic island you will discover a rich flora and fauna, the peace and quiet of the charming village and little port. After strolling round the island, have a break in one of the friendly cafés and restaurants.
Don’t forget to walk back to the pier in due time as many day visitors are tempted to linger.

Sighseeing cruises with commentary on the Loch, the Auray river, every Wednesday between June 6 and September 5, including a 1h30 stopover either in Saint Goustan or Le Bono, depending on the tide.

Leaving the Gulf of Morbihan we will navigate up the Auray river.

Your stopover in Saint Goustan is a time to discover this charming and genuine mediaval port, steeped in history. Explore the sloping lanes, the flowered walls and admire the perspective from one shore to another. The central square is the ideal place to stop for refreshments and enjoy the typical scenery of sword and cape films.

In Le Bono, you may take a stroll along the banks of the river and walk across the old bridge built by Eiffel. This is the perfect spot to view this picturesque village nestled in a rich flora.

The itineraries

The FAVOURITE “Coup de Coeur” TOUR between the Loch and the Gulf
Up the Loch, the Auray river
Quiberon - Gulf of Morbihan
Escape to Hoëdic
The Auray river with a stopover in Saint-Goustan or Le Bono
Direct crossing to Ile-aux-Moines with a stopover of 6h30
Direct crossing to Ile d'Arz with a stopover of 6h
Vedettes l’Angélus
Locmariaquer departure

Embarcadère du Guilvin
56740 Locmariaquer
02 97 57 30 29 - 02 97 57 37 32
Vedettes l’Angélus
Port Navalo departure

Rue Général De Gaulle
56640 Port-Navalo
02 97 57 30 29