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Wide angle
they tell you the Gulf

Through different personalities who have a close link with the Gulf of Morbihan, we wanted to give you a different perspective -that we’ve named “wide angle”- on this breathtaking site that is the Gulf of Morbihan. So you can start travelling virtually on our Little Sea! 

Jacques VAPILLON photographe de mer golfe du Morbihan sea&co
Interview : Jacques VAPILLON - Marine Photographer

Jacques VAPILLON doubled our pleasure by allowing us using his pictures on our website and answering our interview. Many thanks!

To view all his photographic work:, especially for the ones of Polynesia that take us far… very far away – enjoy your journey across the seas and the oceans.



What’s your best memory of the Gulf as a photographer?

The unique light encountered when shooting for the guide “Gulf of Morbihan, the little wonder” that is distributed on board of l’Angélus.

How would you summarize the Gulf of Morbihan in 3 words or one sentence from a photographer’s point of view ?

It’s a magic place, the union of land and sea, a micro climate of endless richness for a photographer.

What is the Gulf of Morbihan for you ?

Nature with a capital N, an unspoilt coastline, an ideal place to relax and enjoy dream seascapes.

Why do you live in Locmariaquer ?

There is no better place for a marine photographer. Living in Locmariaquer is a little like living on the water.

Do you have any current exhibition?

A team work exhibition with Sea&Co from the book “Voile Spectaculaire” published by Glénat will be presented in May at the Yacht Club de France in Paris.

What are your next destinations?

As a photo reporter I will cover several sailing events on the Breton coast, the Guyader Grand Prix, the Naval College Grand Prix and the MiniTransat that will take me to the West Indies. 


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