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Summer 2018 : 4 new cruises by Vedettes de l’Angelus

Maybe you have already been on one of our cruises around the Gulf of Morbihan but have you ever been to the port of Saint Goustan, sailing up the Auray river ? Have you had the chance to explore Ile aux Moines during a 6 hours stopover ? Have you discovered the islands of Arz or Hoedic ?

These are the 4 new destinations we have launched this summer for you to enjoy. See details below.

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Cruise the Auray River up to St Goustan or Le Bono

Sighseeing cruises with commentary on the Loch, the Auray river, every Wednesday between June 6 and September 5, including a 1h30 stopover either in Saint Goustan or Le Bono, depending on the tide.

Leaving the Gulf of Morbihan we will navigate up the Auray river.

Your stopover in Saint Goustan is a time to discover this charming and genuine mediaval port, steeped in history. Explore the sloping lanes, the flowered walls and admire the perspective from one shore to another. The central square is the ideal place to stop for refreshments and enjoy the typical scenery of sword and cape films.

In Le Bono, you may take a stroll along the banks of the river and walk across the old bridge built by Eiffel. This is the perfect spot to view this picturesque village nestled in a rich flora.


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Departing from Port Navalo at 14:00 . Click here to book :

Departing from Locmariaquer at 14:15 . Click here to book  :

Direct crossing to Ile-aux-Moines or Ile d’Arz

Every Wednesday between July 11 and August 29

Stopover of 6h30 at Ile aux Moines, 6h at Ile d’Arz

The ideal opportunity to make the most of one or the other of these 2 charming islands at the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan. Hop on our shuttle boat and enjoy the bonus of a mini-cruise on the Gulf, crossing from Locmariaquer or Port Navalo to Ile-aux-Moines or Ile d’Arz.

Choose between one or the other of these picturesque and historic islands.

Practical information

Departure time from Port-Navalo for both islands : 9h30

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Departure time from Locmariaquer for both islands : 9h30 

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Escape to HOEDIC

From July 5 to August 30, every Tuesdays and Thursdays in July, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays in August.

Get away to one of the most beautiful islands out at sea.
Leaving from Locmariaquer or Port-Navalo in the Gulf of Morbihan, we will cruise the Bay of Quiberon, the islands of Méaban and Houat before reaching Hoedic.

Hoedic boasts a rich flora and fauna, a charming village and picturesque port. After strolling round the island, take a break in one of the friendly cafés and restaurants.
Don’t forget to walk back to the pier in due time as many day visitors are tempted to linger.

Practical Information:

Departure time from Port Navalo : 8h45

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For more information, ring : 02 97 49 42 53 / 02 97 57 30 29 

Departure time from Locmariaquer : 8h30

For more information, ring : 02 97 57 30 29

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