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Terms, Conditions
and Operating Rules

Informations Spécial COVID-19


En fonction de l'évolution de la crise sanitaire, la durée de validité des billets datés achetés en ligne pourra être prolongée.

Si vous êtes dans ce cas, merci d'adresser votre demande à pour envisager une date de report en fonction de nos disponibilités.

Pour les bons cadeaux, validité des bons pendant deux saisons.

I General information

We wish to draw the passengers’ attention to the terms and conditions that apply to shipping as operated by Vedettes l’Angélus. Any ticket purchased from one of our ticket offices, by telephone booking or online booking from the web site of Vedettes l’Angélus imply the full commitment to the following terms and conditions.

The company Vedettes l’Angélus is a limited liability company with a capital of 329 000 € registered at Lorient (56) Corporate and Trade Register under the n° 534 210 653. Its head office is located at 21, embarcadère du Guilvin 56740 Locmariaquer.

All services provided by Vedettes l’Angélus boats are submitted to the Code of Transport in force for sea transport and to these terms and conditions.

When purchasing tickets for a cruise on board of Vedettes l’Angélus, the passenger and any accompanying person acknowledge having been informed of these terms and conditions and accept them without reservation on their behalf and in the name of their heirs or assignees.

All passengers state that they know these conditions and in the opposite case, an irrebutable presumption will remain in the favour of the company whose responsibility cannot be extended beyond the present conditions.

In any case, passengers undertake to comply with the guidelines enforced on the boats by the company and to submit to the instructions given by the captains and their crews.

All passengers, children included and people travelling with a free ticket have to carry their proof of transport at any time. Otherwise, the member of the crew who checks the tickets is entitled to require the full fare for the cruise.

At the time of boarding, passengers must carry a valid ticket according to the rates in force. In case of loss or theft of the ticket, Vedettes l’Angélus reserves the right to re-invoice the service to the client unless he can provide a proof of payment, in which case, a duplicate may be issued.

Vedettes l’Angelus reserve the right to change a timetable, a route or to cancel a departure in case of force majeure. These instructions also apply for the captain of the boat who may at any time make a decision on his own and only, that will receive approval from Vedettes l’Angélus management.

In case of cancellation of a departure, the client may request a reimbursement or an adjournment of delivery of service. In any other circumstance, the client cannot claim for reimbursement or compensation of the service unless otherwise .decided by the management.

In case of abnormal delays, impossibility to sail due to damage on the boat, the company Vedettes l’Angélus may consider full or partial refund to the client following failure to deliver a full service or for a service partially delivered. Alternatively, Vedettes l’Angélus may use another boat or another company to ensure the transport of the passengers. Vedettes l’Angélus will be relieved of all liability from the time of refund or transfer on another boat from another company. In all cases, Vedettes l’Angélus will accept no liability for the consequences of these irregularities, interruptions or suspension of service. Accommodation costs, risks and all consequences due to these events remain the responsibility of the passengers. However, Vedettes l’Angélus commit to do their best to ferry the passengers as initially planned within a reasonable timing. 

II Reservations, changes and cancellation for individuals :

a)     Reservation

Your ticket booking will be confirmed only after full payment of the fare. We accept French cheques, Credit cards, Chèques Vacances holiday vouchers and cash. It is advised to book as soon as possible.

Reservations can be made :

-       Online on our website

-       By telephone on, every day from 9 H to 19H.

-       In Vedettes l’Angélus ticket offices at Port-Navalo (Arzon) and Locmariaquer.

-       In the registered tourist offices of Morbihan.

-       By post mail.

-       For online bookings, after validation of your reservation, you will receive an email of confirmation with a booking number to collect your ticket from Vedettes l’Angélus ticket offices located at Le Guilvin pier in Locmariaquer and at Port-Navalo in Arzon, 30 minutes before boarding. Tickets cannot be sent by post. The ticket is issued only if full payment has been received. Holding a ticket is compulsory for boarding.

b)     Change of reservation:

Date and time of individual tickets can be changed:

-       Free of charge and without retention until the day before departure

-       On the day of the cruise, the change of time is free of charge and without retention pending availability.

c)     Cancellation and refund :

The ticket purchased is considered sold once and for all and will be refunded only in case of force majeure. Refunds can be requested at the ticket office where they have been issued.

d)     Reservations and cancellation for groups :

Reservations can be made :

-       By telephone on

-       By email at

-       By post mail at the following adress: Vedettes l’Angélus Embarcadère du Guilvin 56740 LOCMARIAQUER.

Cancellations can be made without penalty providing the company Vedettes l’Angélus is informed 48 hours ahead at the minimum. 

III Accepted modes of payment:

Payment of tickets can be made either:

-       By credit card at the ticket office or on our website when booking online with a reservation number to present for collecting your tickets either in Locmariaquer or Port-Navalo, at least 30 minutes before departure. 

-       By cheque (from a French bank or French Post office)

-       By Chèques Vacances holiday vouchers

-       In cash

-       By bank transfer for groups or tourism professionals.

-       On board, only cash and cheques are accepted. 

IV On board safety information and recommendations

For your safety, Vedettes l’Angélus remind you that the movements of a ship at sea may be unpredictable. Therefore we recommend that you limit your moving around on board.

The passenger has to comply with the rules and safety on board, under the authority of the captain. Passengers must respect all regulations and appropriate instructions provided by the company Vedettes l’Angélus when embarking or disembarking.

The staff and especially the captain are entitled on behalf of Vedettes l’Angélus to refuse access to a passenger whose attitude or behaviour may put other passengers at risk or cause nuisance. In such case, no refund or exchange will be made. Passengers must not disturb the tranquillity of the other passengers or the staff with songs, aggressive language or using loud instruments on board.

Passengers in a state of drunkenness will not be allowed on board. Alcohol and drugs consumption are prohibited on board. We remind you that smoking in the lounges and toilets of the boat are also prohibited.

Minors are under the responsibility of their parents or accompanying adult and cannot move around the boat by themselves. Adults in charge have to make sure that they do not run, climb on the rails, compartments, seats or rescue equipment.

Pets (cats and dogs) are allowed on board free of charge. For the transport of animals other than cats and dogs a request for authorization has to be made to the company. These animals travel under the responsibility of their owners who must take all measures to prevent any incident. All dogs have to be kept on a lead. Under no circumstance are they allowed on the seats. First and second category dogs have to be muzzled and kept on a lead. Cats have to travel in an appropriate travel basket. The staff on behalf of Vedettes l’Angélus can refuse access on board to an animal that could put passengers at risk.

The admission of an animal does not relieve in any case the responsibility of the passenger in charge of the animal in case of aggression, injuries or material damage caused by this animal. 

V Liability of the carrier:

When embarking, disembarking and during crossings, the liability of the company is under all circumstances limited to the period during which the passengers and their property are under its direct control on board of its cruising boats or on its premises, at the exclusion of any installations or structures on the public domain.

The third party liability of ship owners is covered by a French marine insurance policy. The insurance contract is governed by French law and decrees, in particular the provisions of the Title VII of the Code of Insurance relating to the marine insurance policy. 

This policy aims to guarantee appeals as well as damage and losses caused by events occurring on board of the insured ship or related to its navigation, its use or exploitation during the period covered by the insurance policy. 

VI Limitation of liability:

In case of injuries or accidental death involving the liability of the company, the rehabilitation cannot exceed the limitation per passenger, currently governed by the London Convention of November 19, 1976 (article 7)

The action for liability of damages against the company is limited to two years.

In case of damage to luggage or personal property involving the liability of the company, the rehabilitation cannot exceed the limitation per passenger under the Decree No 67 268 of March 23, 1967 (article 43).

The action for liability of damages against the company is limited to one year. 


VII Damage to persons and properties:

The carrier’s liability for damages to passengers or their property when embarking, disembarking or during the crossing cannot be claimed beyond the limitation and conditions of French law and decrees governing sea transport (Amended Law No 66-420 of June 18, 1966 and decrees of implementation). 


VIII Degradations

Any damage caused to the ship, the facilities, the other passengers or a third party by a passenger or persons or animals under his/her supervision will be his/her sole responsibility. He/She will have to repair all damage recorded as well as any other damage that may be claimed by the carrier or third parties.



IX Transport of dangerous goods

Transport of dangerous goods on passengers’ ships is strictly regulated. The company Vedettes l’Angélus will not accept to carry dangerous products on any of its fleet. This includes the transport of oil, gas or any other flammable or explosive goods as listed in the Maritime Code of dangerous products published by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) specialized in national laws or regulations that apply to Vedettes l’Angélus. Any passenger who embarks with dangerous or prohibited products without the crew knowing can be prosecuted without prejudice of any other damages or penalties under statutory French Law. 

X Luggage and personal property of passengers :

Each passenger can carry a reasonable amount of luggage free of charge, without sharing out with other passengers. The passenger is in charge of packing properly his luggage and Vedettes l’Angélus will not be liable in case of loss, damage or expense due to the non-compliance to this rule by the passenger. The passenger is in charge of storing and collecting the luggage he brought on board. He must also make sure to keep clear the emergency lanes and access to the safety equipments.

Luggage and personal property remain under the supervision of their owners during the crossing.

Therefore, Vedettes l’Angélus disclaim any liability in case of theft, disappearance, loss or damage of these luggage and personal property.


Lost-and-found :

Unclaimed objects and luggage found on board are transferred to the offices on the piers of departure in Locmariaquer or Port Navalo where they are kept for a maximum period of 2 months. Vedettes l’Angélus will not be held responsible for the loss or damage on the luggage stored. 

XI Assistance to other ships

In any situation, the captain has the right to tow, to assist other ships, to divert, to make rescues or transhipping. In such circumstances, the passengers cannot make a complaint.



XII Jurisdiction :

Any litigation concerning the execution of the present terms, conditions and operating rules of transport will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Tribunal de Commerce de Vannes or Lorient. They are exclusively governed by French law.

Vedettes l’Angélus.

Embarcadère du Guilvin.



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