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Walks around

First of all, the best way to visit Ile-aux-Moines is on foot or by bike.

However, for those who may have difficulties to move about, you can book a seat on the minibus that tours the island. Contact the local tourist office for more information on 02 97 26 32 45.

Hiking or cycling, there are 4 itineraries with different colours (red, blue, yellow or green) to discover the island also known as the Pearl of the Gulf of Morbihan.

On foot, you can walk along the coast and enjoy the various breathtaking panoramas, looking onto the ocean dotted with islands thanks to the central location of Ile-aux-Moines.

By bike, you can criss cross the island and decide on the best spot for a picnic. The only difficulty is the little hill as you leave the port.

According to the length of your stopover on the island and the amount of time you wish to walk around, here is some advice on hiking paths you could follow.

You may also enquire at the tourist office when you hop off the boat, a few metres from the jetty.

If you choose to rent a bike, you cannot miss the rental booths on the dock leading to the village. Beware, just as for the restaurants, it is recommended to give them a call to book ahead.

Time indicated is based on average walking time.


10 to 15 minutes – 300 metres

A must see, only 300 metres away from the pier,


You are right there, on Ile-aux-Moines : you are on the Great beach with its famous white and blue beach huts, the Bois d’Amour (Wood of Love) from where you have a breathtaking view on Port Blanc and the entrance to the Gulf of Morbihan.


20 minutes + 30 minutes to walk around (follow the green itinerary)

At 300 metres – head for the centre of Ile-aux-Moines


After walking up the gentle hill, you will discover a pretty village and square with shops (to buy your picnic and some souvenirs) bars and restaurants with their welcoming terraces (it is recommended to book ahead)

Do not miss the Rue des Escaliers, the Church and the nearby beach of Port Miquel. 


60 minutes – distance : 1,8 km

Direction : North of Ile-aux-Moines (yellow itinerary)

You are heading towards POINTE DU TRECH

You will see the chapel St Michel, the calvary cross and a scenery of Arradon and the island of Olavre.

Just before arriving to the village and walking up the hill, leave the road and take the little path to the left that runs between 2 houses. (There is a no entry roadsign in front of them but pedestrians are tolerated). You can follow the path to cross rue de la Grimpette and go straight on until you come to a junction with rue de la Mairie. Take a left turn there. Carry straight on, past the cavalry cross until you reach Pointe du Trech where you will discover a tiny port. Beween the 11th and the 18th century, it was the only point of crossing to reach Arradon across the Gulf. (Trech is the Breton word for Passage).

Take the time to admire the Gulf of Morbihan, the tip of Arradon, on the left, several islets straight across and further to the right, the island of Arz.

From the dock, follow the coastal path skirting Pointe du Trec’h. The path narrows between the cliff and a pile of fish traps. At low tide, you may spot oyster beds. Turning right, climb the stairs and take immediatly left under the trees to arrive on rue Beg Moussir. Walk past the oyster farm and into the alley. Walk straight on until the chapel. At the chapel, walk left into rue de l’Église. (do not take the alley at the extreme left shortly after the chapel).


1h30 – distance : 2,5 km

Direction : East of Ile-aux-Moines (red itinerary)

You are heading towards POINTE DE BROUEL

To visit : the fountain and the chapel du Guéric.

Once arrived to the little dock of Brouel, you will discover the scenery of the islands of Arz and Brouel in the distance.

 At Pointe de Brouel, there is a calvary dating from 1846 that overlooks a little dock made of dressed stone where boats once crossed to the nearby island of Arz. Walk back to take rue du Naudeux that leads to the coastal path towards the south of Ile-aux-Moines.

Lined with slopes and century-old oak trees, this road goes past the fountain of Guéric (means little stream in Breton). It has a rectangular shape and a gable roof. The fountain dates from the beginning of the 19th century and was built by the owners of the Manor House of Guéric built in 1532 that you can see further away. The road skirts a little chapel dedicated to Saint Anne built in 1680. Today it is deconsecrated and used at times for exhibitions.


Direction : South of Ile-aux-Moines – POINTE DE NIOUL

Walking South, there are 4 destinations all as interesting but be careful to choose one according to how long your stopover is. (blue itinerary)

1h10 – distance : 2 km  - Destination n°1 : KERGONAN

Megalithic site - cromlech

Not far from the village in the center of Kergonan hamlet, you will discover the most important cromlech in the region. An unusual and impressive megalithic enclosure made of 24 menhirs set up in a horseshoe shape. Scientists cannot agree on the usage of this monumental architecture so it’s up to your imagination… During the summer, the nearby farm hosts a Heritage Interpretation centre explaining the megaliths and heritage of the island.


1h30 – distance : 2,5 km  - Destination n°2 - PORT DU GORET

View on Creizic Island and the entrance to the Gulf

In bygone days, fishermen used to close the cove at high tide with a fishing net and collected the fish that were trapped at low tide. This cove is partly enclosed by the remains of a stone dyke and is used today as a shelter for small boats.


3h00 – distance : 4,4 km - Destination n°3 - PEN HAP 
croix de Pen-Hap, cale et vue sur la presqu'île de Rhuys

Pen-Hap Cross, dock and view on Rhuys Peninsula

The dolmen of PEN HAP is a listed historic monument. It is a corridor tomb and two mounts of the chamber are engraved. It is probably the most important collective tomb of the island. The nearby lying menhir would have shown the entrance to the grave.


 3h30 – distance : 5,3 km  - Destination n°4 - POINTE DE NIOUL 

This is the longest hike around Ile-aux-Moines walking across dolmens, the heathland of Pointe de Nioul, watching the panorama over Rhuys peninsula. At the tip of Nioul beach, you are facing South with a view of the entrance to the Gulf of Morbihan.

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