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Once upon a time, the Gulf of Morbihan…

Whilst enjoying a sightseeing cruise on the Gulf on one of our motorboats, you’ll be struck by the surrounding magic. And you’ll have every right to be so! Without the fairies’ meddling, the Gulf of Morbihan would not be.


The legend of the 365 tears

« So sad were the fairies to have been kicked out of Broceliande Forest by the Korrigans, they cried so much that they created the Gulf of Morbihan from their tears . As they fled to other lands, they threw away their crowns of flowers which turned into the 365 islands of the Gulf.

Three crowns flew as far as the Ocean to form Houat, Hoëdic and the most beautiful of the three, the island of the Queen fairy, Belle Ile.”

The legend of the gold dust

“A long, long time ago, Man committed a sacrilege and desecrated the forest of Rhuys with their axes, leading to the fairies departure that hived off towards the inland forests. During their journey, a gold dust fell and spread over, giving birth to a set of small islands, as many as the days in one year…” 

vue d'ensemble du Golfe du Morbihan avec des voiliers croisière promenade

The Gulf of Morbihan: A few seawater drops into the Ocean

The Gulf of Morbihan is linked to the Atlantic Ocean by a narrow channel of 900 metres. It is considered as a proper sea (thus its Breton name of Mor Bihan for Little Sea).

With every tide, approximately 400 million m3 of seawater pour in and out of the gulf creating strong currents up to 8 to 9 nodes during high tides, the equivalent to 16 /17 km/hour.

Highly protected and constantly renewed, the Gulf is home to a maritime ecosystem of great biodiversity. Dotted with many islands (the legend says as many as there are days in a year but actually, there are 42 inhabited or habitable islands in the Gulf of Morbihan), the Gulf is also an environmental reserve for a great variety of sea birds and plant species.

On the other side of the channel, looking onto the Ocean, The Quiberon Bay is a proper bay of similar size to the Gulf of Morbihan (about 120 km²), protected by the Quiberon Peninsula and forming a maritime zone that has been awarded just as the Gulf of Morbihan, the label of “the Most Beautiful Bays in the World”. You’ll cross it if you decide to spend a day out on Houat Island, where our motorboats Vedettes l’Angélus  travel to in July and August. 

The Gulf of Morbihan : one of the most beautiful bays in the World

The Club of « The Most Beautiful Bays in the World » was launched in 1997.

Bays belonging to the Club have to fulfil the following criteria:

·         Be the object of protective measures

·         Present an interesting fauna and flora 

·         Present outstanding and attractive natural habitats

·         Be locally and nationally recognized

·         Be emblematic to the local population

·         Have a potential for economic developments


The Gulf of Morbihan obviously fulfils all of the above and is a member like elsewhere in France, the Bay of the Somme, the Mont Saint Michel Bay, the Girolata Gulf, the Bay of La Baule. Worldwide, the Gulf of Morbihan competes with the Ha Long Bay in Vietnam or the San Francisco Bay in the United States.  You’ll see by yourself when experiencing a sightseeing cruise on the Gulf with Vedettes l’Angélus. 

The Gulf of Morbihan : France’s 50th National Park

It is quite recently, on October the 2nd, 2014 that the Gulf of Morbihan was listed as a Regional Nature Park. The first contractual agreement signed for 12 years is shared by 30 municipalities, 5 district councils, the Department of Morbihan and the Region of Brittany as project owner.

The aim is to reconcile the protection and promotion of a rich natural and cultural heritage in this area of Morbihan, with its economic development.

During your sightseeing cruise, you’ll be taken by these “12,000 hectares of maritime area scattered with islands and islets, its wealth of sceneries, its patchwork of environments of key ecological interest”* highly coveted and in need of preservation. (*as quoted on

Here are 2 examples of actions taken:

-          Installation of eco-friendly moorings to preserve the submarine environment of the Gulf, in collaboration with diving clubs, schools, associations and federations.

-          Started 10 years ago, a photographic observatory of the Gulf of Morbihan landscapes. 

multitude voiliers semaine du golfe - Morbihan - vedettes l'angélus

The Gulf of Morbihan : a great place for water sports

Major nautical events take place each year. The most popular are the Semaine du Golfe / Gulf’s Week (May 11-17th 2015) and Ile aux Moines’ Sailing Festival (August 15th)

La semaine du Golfe

Every other year (on odd years), hundreds of sailboats including amazing classic boats invade the Gulf to compete with their sailing precision and techniques. On the last day, they all take part to the Great Parade. During one week, it’s party time in the harbours around the Gulf where concerts, fest-noz and other entertainments are organized in a friendly atmosphere for the locals and the numerous tourists. If you choose this specific week for your cruise on the Gulf of Morbihan, you’ll be fascinated by this sailing performance, an unforgettable memory.

The Sailing Festival of Ile aux Moines

Every August 15th, the island Ile aux Moines turns into a sailing spot for sailing competition fanatics. Each in their own category has to be very skilled to avoid falling into the many traps (streams, rocks, gusty winds…) that the Gulf, apparently so quiet, can reveal at times.

The calls at Ile aux Moines are ideal for our passengers to admire the sailboats while visiting the island. 

chardons violets

The Gulf of Morbihan : the heart of a nature in perfect harmony

There is no other place in France that offers such perfect biodiversity than the Gulf of Morbihan. Depending on the season, birds fly past or gather. The streams allow the reproduction of the marine wildlife. The flora, well preserved and still “wild” bursts in the spring, offering to visitors a range of bright yellow (gorse and broom), of pink (heather), and green that complement the navy shades around the changing emerald blue with the contrasts of total or partial sunlight. Do not forget your camera or smartphone before getting on board one of our motorboats for your cruise on the Gulf

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